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Radiant Barrier Paint Misconceptions

Radiant Barrier Paint can help you save money on energy bills by keeping your home cool during the warm summer months. In addition to reducing energy bills, it also helps save the environment. The paint is effective on walls, roofs, and attics. To buy this paint, you should consult a commercial painting contractor who knows about this product. There are many misconceptions about radiant barrier paint. Keep reading to learn more. Here are some of them.

radiant barrier paint

First, radiant barrier paint is an effective insulation coating, but it must be applied properly. It shouldn’t be diluted with water. Some contractors attempt to extend the coverage of the paint by cutting it with water. While this practice may save a few dollars, it is considered cheating. After all, radiant barrier paint has only 15-40% reflectivity. Therefore, the average consumer cannot tell the difference between a properly applied and an improperly installed radiant barrier paint.

Other radiant barrier paint products are available in the market. Hy-Tech Barrier Coat is one such product. It is a silver-colored, low-emissivity paint that can be used on almost any surface. It is suitable for applications in high temperatures such as attics. It is also non-thickness-dependent, which makes it ideal for any structure. Besides that, it can be used on any surface, including glass.

Moreover, radiant barrier paint can be applied on walls anywhere, especially on those facing the scorching sun. Its ceramic and aluminum pigments help create a water-vapor barrier, eliminating the damp feeling inside the house. It can even be combined with a decorative color coat for a beautiful look. This type of paint can save you money on energy bills. It also helps in insulating sound. And the added benefit of radiant barrier paint is that it won’t corrode your building, making it more attractive to the buyer.

Another common misconception about radiant barrier paint is the term “Radiant Barrier.” Although this is a term that can be misleading, it does not necessarily mean that it is not effective. Many paint installers hijack the term “Radiant Barrier” in order to make their products look more appealing. In fact, radiant barrier paint can reduce the amount of heat transferred to the interior of a building. However, it may not work as well as claimed.

To use radiant barrier paint properly, you should also check the emissivity of the product. Most paints fail to meet the standards for true radiant barriers. The emittance of some paints is higher than the minimum level. In lab tests, this means that it does not qualify as a true radiant barrier. In order to be categorized as a radiation-control coating, the paint must have an emissivity of 0.25 or less.

To make sure you install a radiant barrier correctly, it is necessary to make sure that your roof deck and attic are adequately insulated. This is because radiant barriers can degrade over time, so if you have a cool roof, you should not apply a radiant barrier. Thermal insulation is typically more effective. If you are installing radiant barrier paint on a cool roof, then it is a waste of money. If you are planning on using the radiant barrier, make sure to consult a professional for the best method for your project.

Radiant barrier paint can be applied with a paint roller or airless spray painting equipment. It can also be applied to existing buildings. Unlike traditional foil barriers, it can be top-coated with conventional wall paint and retain its resistance value. This heat-blocking paint is environmentally friendly, and can help you save on energy bills. The paint will also reduce condensation and moisture issues. The product is ideal for commercial buildings. It’s also safe for children and pets.